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And school started

So school's back again. If you're a family with resources you'll probably pay a catering service to take care of feeding your child, but the rest of us have to see to it personally unless we want to go broke. Some parents though, regardless of their income, are really good at meal prep. They go full throttle on Sunday cooking all the meals and buying all the portions so it's just a matter of putting the whole in the lunchbox and off you go. They oversee however, the reliance we have on plastic wrappings and other plastics for a one-time-use in our lunchboxes.

Think about it. Every bottle of water, every pack of chips, every yogurt container and even every "reusable" ziplock will spend your lifetime x 5 before decomposing and going back to nature... in toxic bs form. This isn't right. Time and time again we've seen the discourse about how we are fuck*ng up our planet and we barely do something beyond just sharing a facebook post. It really is starting to become imperative that we realize the importance of ditching plastics and showing this example to our children. In the end us millenials and older generations may not necessarily live long enough to see the catastrophe, but it is our responsibility to ensure our children and their children will have a decent place to live. Either that or their in for a lifetime of hell on earth.

"But Recycling Saves The Planet!"

Hmmm, let me just stop you there. No it doesn't!!. Recycling is not even a solution, it's an apocalyptical pause button, a time bomb that will go off eventually and like I said, maybe not in our lifetime but it will definitely take a toll in the lives of the next generations. "Yeah but I won't be here anyway"... With all due respect... get your f**cking head out and see a bit further and while you're at it, try a bit to stop being so egotistical .... Yeah you may die at 80.. or at 70... hell you may die tomorrow for all we know, but that doesn't give you the right to keep on being an irresponsible asshole and deny the fact. Dude, the world is not about you, it's about humanity, whether your ego can handle it or not, it's the bitter truth (end or rant).

It' not about starting 100% plastic free form day one, but really about making some efforts, shifting little by little till we realize we really didn't need to buy everything packed in a beautiful shiny and perfectly printed (in full colours) one-time-use plastic. It's our duty as parents (and even if you don't have any children) to show the example. The same as you back then, children are born into this world thinking it all works as good as it should, that we've got it all figured out. But we need to let them know where we're failing and humbly try to change our routines for the better.

Explain to your kids why we shouldn't

I know life goes crazy-fast and we say we lack time (yet if we looked at the average amount of time we spend just on social media daily we would maybe reconsider), but there are many things we can do ourselves at home that really don't take long considering how how long-term impact will be reduced. Apple sauce, peanut (and other nuts) butter, home-made muffins and baked chick-peas are just some examples.

It is tempting to go ahead and buy the little 6 pack of yogurts and the individually packed and pre-portioned cheese. We love convenience a bit too much without considering the consequences. Kids are attracted to these because of their shape and shiny colours, but what if we took the time to explain to our children that despite the fact Mr. Incredible's face is plastered on the bottle, buying these is far from heroic. If anything it's the complete opposite! We took this approach with ours and they understand how plastics are really not good news - everytime we go to the store we look for the extremely rare things that are not wrapped in plastic, it's almost a game! But if preparing food feels overwhelming no matter what, try to look for certain stores that will maybe even give you a discount if you bring your reusable containers to pack their products.

Protein filled Baked Chickpeas, ready-to-slice veggies & home-made Oatmeal Biscuits

Little by little

Admittedly, the problem is far to be only in the food department and even though we make our efforts we're still far to achieve that zero waste lifestyle some people have legendarily reached. I started my journey to be more green less than a year ago and I was one to think that putting my plastics in the blue bin would suffise but this was all just lack of good example and ignorance from my part. By now my dad must be really annoyed about my speech every time he pops open a water bottle, but I'm not stopping... I would encourage you to join me and annoy the world together!

A greener lunch box: no individually packed yogurts or cheese

Overtime I will talk more about my path towards a greener future, sharing some hacks and tricks in the hopes I can inspire some people. Still a lot to walk.

Unfortunately, unless governments and corporations stop giving people the choice of buying plastics, we have to work backwards and start doing it from our own homes. Reducing its demand may ultimately result in its demise. One can but dream.

Always more to explore