Guava-Cranberry Christmas Jelly

The most wonderful Jam of the year
5 minutes
45 minutes
4 pots of 250ml
Great With
Butter Cookies

It’s the most wonderful Jam of the year

Christmas is coming. This time of the year always makes me feel quite happy. Snowflakes slowly dancing and covering the streets and house tops. Coloured lights and pine trees. Food, drinks and people and joy! There’s a subjective sense of peace and warmth despite the coldness outside. My tree’s been lit up for 2 weeks now and my desire to cook up something christmassy as well. With all the mistletoes, red hats, red boots and red ornaments; the colour red was on top of mind, along with a festive cranberry jam.

The smell of christmas past

Have you ever jumped years back within your memories, remembered a particular moment you thought was long forgotten in the last corner of the archives of your mind just by smelling something seemingly familiar? I find it incredible how a certain aroma has the power to unleash a whole set of rushing memories in your brain. Whether it’s a pleasant odour or the foulest stench, our nose has the power to give us access to a bunch of different experiences and memories that can ultimately be remembered with the same ease they would as if they were perceived with the eyes, like an aromatic photo album you can only have access through your nose (there’s an idea).

Looking for my cranberries at the store, a cornucopia of aromas rushed through my nose as soon as I opened the door, a rainbow if it could be seen, but one of the tones in the air was peculiarly stronger and that one particularly had me traveling miles away to the tropical humid mountains of Colombia in a instant. I remember feeling the same way walking through the ailes of a small store in Colombia back in christmas, the tropically fruity smell of guavas filling up my heart.

This went better than expected


How surprised I was when I found out that the cranberries I was looking for were positioned right next to the source of that sweet guava-ish fragrance. Was this a sign from both Santa and baby Jesus? My christmas spirit agreed. Guava & Cranberries in a jam felt like the perfect opportunity to bring something from both worlds together and after giving it a try I feel the end result it’s really what I was looking for: a holiday jam with influences from north and south that not only is different, rustic and easy on the eyes, but that proved really delicious and quite versatile (already used it with butter cookies. People went “oh sweet baby jesus!!”)


For 4 containers of 250 ml:

  • 4 cups of fresh or frozen cranberries
  • 10 guavas
  • 1 cup of maple sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 1 - 2 lemons (juice)

Jamming Christmas

1. Put everything in a cooking pot and let it boil

2. Boil in a low fire for around 30-45 minutes

3. Put inside container

Let it boil, let it boooil!


  • Sugar quantities can vary depending on the sweetness level you're looking for. Taste and adjust.
  • Cooking time can also vary depending on the kind of stove you have (electric or gas)
  • To really know if your jam is ready or not, put a dish in the freezer, pour some jam on it and if it congeals, it's ready.

Cranberry-Guava Jam

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