Autumn Honey Peanut Butter

2 ingredients, 5 mins
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Honey & Peanuts

A couple years ago we made the switch form “traditional” to natural peanut butter for health reasons. We had to adapt to the oily taste and slowly the creamy over-the-counter version started feeling too fake.

Days went by and we decided to give it a shot and create our own version. I went to BulkBarn (a place where you buy per weight) got some peanuts and mashed the whole. This new version felt creamy with an added crunchiness and rustic feeling to it - different from the one on the store but not at all inferior (and without any additives or whatever it is they put in the little plastic containers.

So I figured I'm not buying peanut butter at the store anymore, mine seems more natural and healthy but hmm it needed a bit of a punch. Honey seemed like perfect match, and not just honey but a particularly tasty variation called Autumn Honey, produced by the bees during fall from a huge variety of flowers blossoming during this season. Pow! One week in the pantry and we need to start making more.

The beauty about the simplicity of peanut butter is that it can be imbued with any kind of flavour... Apple coming soon! but in the meantime this one will kick some tastebud ass.

Peanuts and Autumn Honey
Trying some shots

Honey, I intoxicated the kids

You've probably heard about the huge array of additives and fakes they put in what we buy on the store. They are presented as Instagram #nofilter ready to consume wonders of today's world, "perfect" texture and colour and promises of miraculous longevity (even though honey - any honey - already doesn't rot) all but in reality it's all a big fraud - for the most part - and in-store honey is another sad story of corn syrup, fake sweeteners and even antiobiotics disguised as real honey.

Dunham to the rescue

So I started my search for something a bit more authentic and well, not shitty. Last summer we went visiting the Eastern Townships (Les Cantons de l'Est) and we fell in love with a little apiary on the way to a vineyard in Dunham called Les Trois Acres. Nothing fancy about it except it had this rustic charm, the passion they spoke about their bees and mostly their commitment to start ditching plastics and other toxic containers from their products.

They gave us some varieties to discover, from spring to autumn, with pollen and without, dark and not so dark. The owner really took the time explain to us how the taste of honey slightly varies depending on where worker bees gather their nectar

"Hmmm so this is what honey is supposed to taste like!" I thought to myself, like I was tasting something for the first time. I was so happy and yet so disappointed about the stuff they feed us in store. A product that I kinda left out for so many years had just been rediscovered.

Dunham Apiary - Les 3 Acres
Les 3 Acres - Dunham, Qc

2 ingredients, 5 minutes.

So, with all that in mind, real honey rediscovered and all, I would want to inspire people to go ahead and make their own recipe! and here's my (creamy & crunchy sweet) attempt at motivating you.

Home made, no additives (or nasty corn syrups) just peanuts and honey bee goodness for really just a fraction of the prize and only 5 minutes to spare (ok maybe 7 on a slow day). And I'm not even talking about the fact that you just need to buy one glass container (and not a plastic little one everytime you run out).

Natural, super tasty, cheap and ecologically conscious. Hmmmm tough choice... not! And we haven't even talked about the versatility peanut butter offers. Goes with Jelly, with apples, in a sauce for a savoury dish with turkey (I kid you not) and even smoothies. But I guess that'll be a conversation for another time :)


  • Roasted peanuts, no salt
  • 1-2 spoon table peanut oil (if you food processor need help)
  • Autunm honey form les 3 acres or any real honey (to taste)
  • ½ teaspoon salt (optional)

Honey & Peanuts

  • Put everything in the food processor and mix until you get a smooth paste. If you want a crunchy version, just add couple peanuts at the end and pulse a couple times to mix the whole a bit.
  • I didn’t put quantities because it depends on the size of your food processor. Fill it with ¾ of peanuts. For seasoning (honey in this case), try one spoon at the time, blend blend, and then taste. Whether you like full discretion or a very evident flavour you have full control!
Honey Peanut Butter texture
Crunchy creamy goodness

Always more to explore