Coco-Granate Christmas Waffle

oh christmas tree!
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Oh Christmas Tree!

Pumpkins for Christmas?

Well, pumpkin seeds to be precise, or “pepitas” as they are referred to in certain places down south. I stumbled upon this particular ingredient while getting my stuff at BulkBarn. High in protein, low in carbs and an interesting amount of nutrients such as magnesium, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Now the interesting part is that it’s sold in protein-powder form (so basically pumpkin seeds turned into powder) and looking at its greenish hue at the store I thought I had to give it a try.

We had green cookies, greek crêpes, green smoothies, green oatmeal, green, green, green!! This also helped us reduce the carb intake and go towards something more balanced in the mornings where starches are most popular.

Pumpkin waffle
Green Pumpkin waffle

Oh Christmas Tree

So a beautiful morning not long ago I woke up feeling like waffles for breakfast, I modified the usual waffle recipe with this new super ingredient and the result was a nicely consistent waffle with a slightly pumpkin-seedy taste to it (which was really not bad) and looking at the triangular shape and greenish colour through the eyes of an eager christmas spirit we thought: hmmm how about an edible christmas tree for the holidays? Let’s marinate the idea.

Openning pommegrenade
A bowl of water for a mess free experience

Coconut Chantilly Snow and Pomegranate Ornaments

The next day at cooking school, my friend pointed out that if whipped long enough, coconut milk can give a certain consistency similar to that of chantilly cream. I have no idea why but I associated coconut chantilly with my christmas tree. I guess between all the snow on the treetops and the need to create a complementary ingredient for my waffles subconsciously brought this into mind. All I needed now was some decorations of red on a green christmas tree, and since we’re talking about balance well some fruit would complement nicely. Some fruit with red shiny sweet balls within it… it was a no brainer that as an added value, helped with the crunchy factor on the recipe. So good!

Whipped coconut milk
Whipped coconut mlik

This deliciously flavourful mix is what happens when you decide to be curious and have a bit of fun, adjust on the process and really let your inner child come out and have fun. I’m sure your christmas waffle-tree will be a beautiful addition to your christmas brunch or to make the little ones go wow (or the ones whose inner child is still quite present)


For 4 waffles

  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of pumpkin seed powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 ½ cups of milk
  • ½ cup of melted coconut oil
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 1 cuil. thé  de poudre à pâte
  • ¼ cup of sugar (optional)
  • 1 tbsp of vanilla extract
    Pinch of salt
  • 1 or 2 pomegrenata

lighting up the tree

Open the coconut milk can and drain slowly le liquid part, we won’t use it. Just the creamy part. Rest in the fridge, we want it cold.

  • Mix all the dry ingredients together
  • Mix all the wet ingredients together and incorporate slowly to the dry ones
  • If the mixture renders too thick, add some milk
  • Place inside the waffle-maker and let it cook for around x minutes or until you see a good consistency
  • Whipped the coconut milk into whipped cream. You could add powder sugar if you like but it’s optional.

Christmas tree waffle

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