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One of the most impressive gifts from nature

So let’s talk about Rosemary (the herb, not the lady). This is a special gift from nature I like to put pretty much everywhere. I have a dehydrated version for everyday lo-key recipes but I love the fresh branches or flowers and also the essential oil version. It’s in my kitchen (obvy), I use it for infusions, my home-made cleaning products and even for a miracle DIY anti-lice spray for the kids that works like a charm.

It’s aromatic and resinous nature I find so perfect, like the fresh soothing air from the woods, a scent of pine, pepper and camphor. Just smelling it it’s a mood booster and with the current temperature outside, it feels good to get that woodland natural feeling at home.

The best way to help herbs last longer is to wrap them in a humid cloth and store them in the fridge

So with cold weather in its peak, virus season is at hand - viruses we pretty much shared with our friends, family and coworkers and even strangers during the holidays as easily as a “merry christmas!” and it’s simple to get caught up buying over-the-counter chemical options which, granted, they do the job for the most part but why not take a more natural approach?

Rosemary is a light and natural antiseptic that not only helps relieve cough symptoms but helps decrease stress and insomnia (interesting to get back on track after the holidays), it helps boost memory and concentration, tweaks your digestive system and as a result your skin will glow like the butt of a firefly. I love to infuse a branch with oranges and cranberries and drink it warm or cold and to calm our itchy throats lately we have been infusing rosemary with milk… medicine for body and soul :)

milk infused with rosemary
Milk infused with rosemary - a perfect beverage

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